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Reasons for the Outstanding Outcomes

What Makes the Difference? -- Three Aspects of Experience

Heritage of Experience
For most of the time in history until modern science emerged, treatment was based on experience. Oriental medicine is a body of experience built up over thousands of years. That's why Oriental medicine is also called "experience-based medicine." Modern medicine always tries to find something new. On the other hand, Oriental medicine tries to tap into experience documented over thousands of years. Those documents are in Chinese and very difficult to understand. The ability to read them and gain insights from predecessors is the key to higher levels of treatment effects.

Experience with Great Masters
"A picture is worth a thousand words." This saying is especially true for learning acupuncture medicine. Just seeing Great Masters' treatment or listening to their teaching in person is worth more than reading hundreds of books. However, not everyone can have the privilege of receiving direct instruction from them. Personal experience with Great Masters is the key to greater skills and effects.

Clinical Experience
After studying with books and Great Masters, clinical experience is essential. Each patient is different. Even the ancient wisdom or Great Masters' instruction doesn't always work. Practitioners need to actually use what they have learned and adjust it in their own way by treating many patients. Clinical experience is the key to the ability to figure out the best way to treat each patient according to the physical constitution of the patient.

Origins of Our Treatment

Master Tung’s style Magial Acupuncture

Master Tung Ching-Chang

The legendary Taiwanese Great Master Tung Ching-Chang

The legendary Taiwanese Great Master Tung Ching-Chang (1916-1975) was born in Shandong Province in China.
At 33, he moved to Taiwan as a serviceman with Kuomintang. After retirement, he treated many patients with his unique ancestral acupuncture techniques. He is said to have treated 300,000 patients. He treated one-third of them who were poor or servicemen for free.He became known for extraordinary treatment effects and established his reputation by treating Cambodian Prime Minister Lon Nol in 1971.He made public the ancestral techniques and trained 73 disciples, including the best Taiwanese acupuncturists such as Dr. Kuo Shiaw-Tien and Dr. Yang Wei-Chieh.
He wrote Master Tung's style magical Acupuncture.

Longmen Acupuncture

Master Wang Tai-Long

・Head of Longmen Acupuncture Oijuku.
・Japan Tung's Acupuncture Association
・Director of Wang Tai-Long Acupuncture Clinic in Jiyugaoka
・Instructor in the Department of Acupuncture Medicine at Kawaguchi Gakuen, Tokyo

The 1st generation of the Wang family, Wang E, was the court physician of Qianlong Emperor (1711-1799) of Qing dynasty in China.The eighth generation, Tai-Long's late grandfather Wang Qing-Xi, was the founder of Chinese Medicine Association in Taiwan.The tenth generation is Tai-Long.

Wang Tai-Long got into Chinese medicine at the age of 6.
He studied Chinese medicine under leading experts and received instruction in Master Tung's Magic Points acupuncture technique from Master Tung himself (Master Tung was the court physician of Chiang Kai-shek).
He learned I Ching (Classic of Changes) from Dr. Chen Li-fu, the founder of China Medical University (the first medical university in Taiwan) and Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders) from Ceng You-Zhu, a Great Master of Chinese medicine, in person. He also learned acupuncture, Kampo, Qigong, tai-chi, fortune telling, and feng shui from 4 great doctors. He has treated more than 30,000 patients.

自由が丘 王泰龍医仙

With Master Wang Tai-Long

The first generation of his family was the court physician of Qianlong Emperor of Qing dynasty in China. Since then, his family has been the head of Longmen school acupuncture technique for 10 generations. For me, he is the teacher of Master Tung's Magic Points, Longmen school acupuncture technique, and the ideas and practice of Taoism. Most of all, he is the guiding light of my life.


With Master Masakazu Ikeda

He is the Great Master of acupuncture in Japan. Every acupuncturist in Japan knows him. Thanks to his work, Japanese acupuncture drew attention in the US and Europe. During my apprenticeship under Master Ikeda, I had only 4 hours to sleep every day and lost weight to 55 kg.

董氏奇穴 胡文智老師

With Master Hu Wen-zhi's

Master Hu Wen-zhi is the top disciple of Master Tung Ching-Chang. I visited his clinic to receive training. In Master Hu's treatment, I gained a glimpse of the technique of Great Master Tung.


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